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ORG04015_Origami Heart Card

Greeting Cards

The cards with origami inside! Great for birthdays, valentines, mother’s day, thank you, congratulations, good luck and more.

Little Collection

Origami Kits

Make the cute origami characters featured in our origami greetings cards complete with cut-out bodies & sticky magnets

3D Selfie Keyrings

Unique personalised keyrings that capture a treasured memory in a “secret 3D photo” that is only fully revealed with light

Origami Paper

Origami paper that we have created for use in our cards and kits can be bought as packs to use in your own projects
Origami-Rooster ORG07001
Origami-Tiger ORG07008
Origami-Rooster ORG07001
Origami-Tiger ORG07008

What is an Origami Greeting Card?

Well, it’s a card with origami inside! Each origami greeting card contains a piece of specially designed origami paper and instructions for folding the object featured on the front of the card.

There are many objects featured including the classic origami Crane, a Dresses, T-shirts, HeartsLilyDinosaurs and now 12 Animal Faces based on the animals of the oriental Zodiac.

Just in case the folding instructions are not enough there is a link for the corresponding instruction video on the back of the card. 

Origami Greeting Card explaination

Make Your Own Origami Unicorn Greeting Cards!

Origami-Rooster ORG07001
Origami-Tiger ORG07008

Latest ORIGAMI Collections

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Little Mee at Big Ben LIT01002
Origami Dress: Happy Birthday! from Little Mee ORG03001
Origami Lily Flower, Close up ORG06004