We are super excited to announce an amazing new product called: 3D Selfie Key Fob. As you can see the video above an image or selfie is revealed when the fob is lit from behind. Without backing lighting the selfie is almost “invisible”, a secret, until revealed with light.

3D Selfie Key Fobs will be available in a various colours and designs.

Colours: 1.Ultra Blue, 2.Pearly White, 3.Hot Pink, 4.Cherry Blossom Pink, 5.Bling Bling Gold, 6.Squeezed Orange, 7.Cyber Yellow.

3D Selfie Key Fob-various-shapes-web with numbers

Designs: 1.Square, 2.Tag, 3.Dog-tag, 4.Heart, 5.Flower.

To make it an extra super gift, specially created little (A7 size) greetings cards will also be available (as an optional extra) for a variety of occasions, such as birthdays, Valentine’s day, mother’s day and Christmas. So, if you are looking for that unique personalised gift then this could be it! 

All that is a needed to create a 3D Selfie Key Fob is a digital photo, such as a profile photo in FaceBook or a selfie from your phone (photos should be cropped square or circular), then with a sprinkle of computer and 3D printery magic a Fob is born! It’s as simple as that. Exactly how it’s done is top secret. Some say it’s based on elf magic and Santa is pulling the strings…

3D Selfie-heart-shape-front web copy3D Selfie-heart-backlight2-web copy

Photos for 3D Selfie Key Fobs can be almost anything, one person selfies, couples and even beloved pets (yes even your car!). A fun way to have a keep sake of loved ones, favourite memories and special events.

3D Selfie P1050491-flower-backlight-web copy3D Selfie P1050521-square-design-backlight-web copy3D Selfie P1050551_tag-backlight-web copy

Watch this space, 3D Selfies Key Fobs will be available soon…