In the beginning…

We wanted to start a business that complemented our interests and skills and the eureka moment came after a visit to an art exhibition (Mei-Yee’s interest). We thought a lot of the art would make great greetings cards and so we decided to have a go at making our own. Mei-Yee’s graphic design background and Henry’s product development and business experience seemed a match made in Elysium…

We came up with Little Mee to reflect Mei-Yee’s love of cycling and with the help of Henry’s friend, Chie, in Japan the recipe cards soon followed. The LOL messaging cards developed from a brainstorming session and the inspiration for the most extensive and most exciting range, the Original Origami Cards, came from Henry’s strong connection to Japan.

…and then what happened?

After spending a good few months furiously conceptualising and creating cards we decided we were ready to do an exhibition to see what the world thought of our efforts. So we jumped in the deep end and exhibited at the greetings card industries most prestigious and biggest tradeshow in the UK, Progressive Greetings Live in 2016. We tested the market with our 4 concept lines and the origami cards attracted the most interest, we even got an order in the first hour! We were chuffed and since then we have been busy refining and designing a whole bunch of new origami cards and more…

Our vision is to create greeting cards with an innovative, interactive and fun twist so watch this space for more to come.

Mei-Yee Man

Mei-Yee Man

Owner, Designer, Creator

Co-Founder and graphic designer with experience in art, design, print, teaching and sales. Can generate and develop ideas to final product using digital and print media. Responsible for all aspect of design, product, business development, marketing and sales.
Henry Tsang

Henry Tsang

Owner, Marketer, Creator

Co-Founder with business creation and marketing experience in design, engineering and health and beauty sectors. Can generate and develop ideas to final product. Responsible for all aspects of product and business development, marketing and sales.


Our speciality greeting card is the one with origami inside, the Original Origami Card, which we think is quirky & fun!


Our creations are digitally printed professionally on quality 350gsm matt, textured FCS board.


We sell directly online, on Etsy and to trade/retailers.


We love creating our origami cards and we are also creating our own origami paper…