With the launch of our range of Unicorn Origami Card Kits, we are also launching a new product type: the Do-It-Yourself origami card kit and what better way to launch than to do it with our unicorns! So, we have the pleasure of introducing a greeting card where that was made by you (with a little help from us)!

What’s it all about then? Well, in the kit there is a pre-printed greeting card, a piece of origami paper, a body cut-out, metal disc and a magnet. Yes, a magnet! Firstly, with a bit of creative magic (and with the help of scissors and glue/tape) you will be able to make an origami unicorn with a magnet attached (like the ones in our unicorn kits). Secondly, with the metal disc stuck to the card the unicorn that you made earlier will find that card very attractive – magnetically attractive! Yes, the unicorn can be stuck (and unstuck) to the card magnetically. Effectively, the unicorn is a fridge magnet and can be removed and stuck to anything attractive to magnets. Of course, we think this is fun and unique and will surprise and delight any recipient and, of course, you can boast it was made by you!

Flex your creative muscles with one of our origami card kits! Discover and buy here. Watch the video below to see how it is done.