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3D Selfie Key ring or 3DSK for short is a customisable personalised key ring (key chain or key fob) containing a “secret” 3D printed selfie image based on the artistic technique called lithophane. The “secret” image is only fully revealed by shining a light source behind the image, such as from a phone or daylight from a window. With light the once obscure image miraculously pops into life! See it happen in the video below. The best thing is that the selfie image can be one of your choosing, one that you send to us. A selfie from your phone, an image from social media or pretty much any digital image that can be emailed to us.

Why Do You Want One?

3DSK’s make great gifts, keepsakes and mementos for all ages* and occasions. Be it a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, or even for a loved one on Valentine’s day. These unique and personalised 3D Selfie Keyrings are a great way to bring life to that selfie you love or photo you treasure. It could be photo of you for a loved one, a first born baby, a child, grandparents, BFFs your pet dog or cat or even a car! Capture a cherished moment in a 3DSK!

Even though they are called keyrings you don’t have to hang them with keys. They can be attached to phones, bags, rucksacks or even made into necklaces (see photo gallery above for examples). Click here to see full range of designs and colours.

[*May not be suitable for small children, potential choking hazard]

BB8 Design

Inspired by the cute and endearing droid in the Star Wars movies, our BB8 Key fob will dutifully keep your keys in check when the going gets tough. The images below are typical examples of BB8 design 3DSKs.

Fun Fact: 3DSK are Green!

3DSK’s are made with PLA (PolyLactic Acid) polymer or plastic, but unlike most plastics it is biodegradable because it is manufactured from renewable plant-based resources, such as corn starch or sugar cane. Instead of taking thousands of years to degrade in seawater as for some plastics PLA only takes about 2 years. PLA is widely used in food packaging as well as in medical devices. So, 3DSK’s are “green” – but not the colour (not yet!).

How It Works

Watch the video below to see how we make a 3DSK from start to finish. All we need is a digital image to make your personalised 3DSK. They make awesome gifts, especially when paired with our specially designed 3DSK greeting cards. Want one? See below below for How To Order.

How To Order

  1. Select colour and quantity and add to cart
  2. When you have finished ordering, proceed to checkout. IMPORTANT: ensure you include your email with your order as we need it for step 3
  3. On notification of your order we will send you an email (from “Madebyman Limited” ) to acknowledge your order and to request your image/s
  4. Attach your image/s to our email as a reply
  5. If you have ordered a Square, Tag or Dog Tag design then also include your text (up to 8 or 9 letters) in the email reply
  6. If you have ordered more than one 3DSK and greeting card we will ask you to indicate which photo (and text) goes with which 3DSK and card in the email reply
  7. After receiving your image/s, we will crop according to our guidelines below. Note: if you’ve ordered more than one 3DSK then we will email you back a digital mockup of your order to confirm that all is correct
  8. When approved, we make your 3DSK!

Typical production time from APPROVAL is 7 days but please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

Guidelines for Cropping and Best Results

Cropping: As shown in the infographic below, an image will be cropped as a square or a circle* depending on the design of 3DSK. Since the final 3DSK image is quite small (just 33mm for regular size) some small details can be lost in the process, so we will zoom in – whenever possible – to obtain the most detail (for example head and shoulders for a person). For non-people subjects, such as a landscape, we will keep as much of the original framing as possible. [The 3DSK BB8 design requires a CIRCLE crop].

3DSK how-to-crop-an-imageWe are also happy to receive pre-cropped images. It’s easy to do square cropping on your phone and computer but circles are a little more tricky and you may need a PC to crop into a circle. Preview in Apple based computers can do this easily.


*If the subject in an image is already quite zoomed in and requires a circle crop banding could result as shown in the example below. We can still make the 3DSK and will endeavour to soften the banding digitally.

cropped-example image-1000x338-web

For Best Results: 3DSK works best with single-person selfies framed or cropped to show the approximately the head and shoulders as shown in examples above. There is a small loss of detail during the 3DSK process so best results are achieved with an in focus and well lit image. The 3DSK process will not improve an out of focus and/or poorly lit image! Good results can also be achieved with two people selfies providing their heads are close together. More than two people or a group image is possible but facial features will be diminished as shown in the examples below but the “spirit or essence” of the image will be preserved.


3DSK Greeting Cards

We have created cute, little A7 sized greeting cards especially for pairing up with 3DSKs. Send a unique gift and card in one! Discover more and to buy click here or image examples below.

3dsk cards examples

Additional information

Weight 0.003 kg
Dimensions 48 × 36 × 2.7 mm

MBM Blue, Pearly White, Bright Pink, Light Pink, Bright Yellow, Gold, Orange


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